Pinup Mommy Vibes

I'm going to be honest guys, at 6 months pregnant, shopping for maternity clothes has been a challenge.

It's been important to me to spend my hard-earned money on things that I love and to work with brands that truly hold women at all stages of life in the highest regard. I've had some clients, which I would never name of course, who have been hesitant to work with a pregnant woman. And while they have wished me well, they've made it clear that we could resume any work together AFTER I have given birth.

But with that reality has also come another side of the coin, where other folks have been so celebratory and excited to help me bring ideas to life. One of those brands is Cali-based Unique Vintage, which is a line of both in-house vintage repro dresses and wholesale of some of my favorite indie designers.

I wanted to give a vibe that pregnant women still want to pursue the fashion aesthetics they love, be that vintage, menswear, athleisure or whatever style it is that day. For me, this is a time in my life that I want to celebrate and one that I've been trying to surround myself with nothing but happiness. And that includes the clothes I wear.

So for the rest of the week, I will be sharing my pinup lookbook collaboration with Unique Vintage and answering any questions you may have on social media about fit and the pieces I picked.

First up is this super girly gingham look from their 60th-anniversary collection with Barbie. It's actually based on a dress that Barbie herself wore and I fell in love as soon as I saw it.

In terms of fit, I just went up one size and could have honestly even stayed at my normal size, as the circle skirt gave plenty of room for the bump. The material is nice and thick but breathable and perfect for spring.

I paired it with my Kate Spade glittery flats and this straw hat, also from UV. Stay tuned for more photos all this week from Unique Vintage.

DRESS: Unique Vintage (buy it here)
SHOES: Kate Spade
HAT: Unique Vintage (buy it here)

This post is sponsored by Unique Vintage. All opinions and style choices are 100 percent my own.



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