Feeling Fancy

I know this week is all about red dresses and all of your favorite bloggers are probably doing Valentine's posts, so I'm looking to show different looks or different ways to wear some of the same pieces you're seeing around out there.

Let me talk to you about this beautifully made skirt from Rum + Coke. The designer is from Nakimuli's team and she has now branched out on her own. She uses rich fabrics and textures and designs pieces that aren't often available in plus.

I've wanted to wear a full skirt like this many times, but I've been hesitant because I generally avoid additional volume on the bottom. But balancing it out with a tighter top and the high waist cut the skirt has really made it fabulous.

The color is very rich and the price of the garment is great because it looks very expensive.

This is a perfect Valentine's look if you're heading out somewhere fancy with your significant other
or with your friends.

Skirt: Rum+Coke 
Top: Bar III, Macy's
Jewelry: Ashley Stewart



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