Dressed to Kill

I'm back today continuing with my Valentine's Day looks. If yesterday's post was all about high-society glamour, today's is all about stop-traffic sexy. This dangerous dress is called "The Joan" and is the second piece I chose from Rum+Coke. Ladies, this is a show-stopping, jaw-dropping, INSANELY sexy dress. This silhouette is something I haven't seen done much in plus (although a few small boutiques are starting to make their own versions), but it's been very popular on celebrities like Khloe Kardashian.

It's made of a beautiful stretch velvet, which is a lovely texture. This is something the designer seems to specialize in as all of her pieces are made of rich fabrics.

You can't even call this slit thigh high. It's more like pelvis high. And it's on both sides. So be aware and plan accordingly, especially when it comes to undergarments. If this is too daring for you, you can safely close up the seams a little bit at the tops of the slits to make it a bit demure.

In terms of fit, I was a little worried about wearing shapewear with it, but the ingenious design actually falls in a way that you can get away with not wearing any shapewear underneath. I did wear a bra with the straps visible, not only for convenience, but because I also have come to like this look on me better than strapless. But either way would look great! I also added a belt to give it some shape, as well as break it up a bit. I kept my jewelry very minimal because this dress speaks volumes on its own.

This look is admittedly a little daring for me. It's a lot of leg on anyone, but due to my shape, it was even moreso for me. I wore it for my husband and decided I might not be so brave as to pull this off walking around in a very populated area, haha. But I know some of you ladies will. And lord, the gentlemen of the world will not be sorry that you did!

Dress: Rum+Coke
Shoes: Charlotte Russe



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