Denim & roses

Sometimes, your day just calls for a simple pretty top, jeans and a red lip.

I love this red rose print top from Torrid that I believe is a few seasons old. I snagged it from a friend of mine and I immediately knew I had to have it after seeing it. I love rose print and I thought it would be a great compliment to wearing a red lip with dark hair.

I find that the hardest item to fit my body is jeans. I know many of you have that problem. Either they are too big in the waist and right in the hips or they are too tight in the hips and fit my waist. But I think the worst offender is when jeans fit you perfectly in the store and after a few wears at home, they completely lose their shape and then you have sagging in the backside or they are sliding down at the waist.

That's why I love these jeans from Ashley Stewart. They were a great fit in the store and I have worn them several times without losing their shape. And the best part was that I got them on sale for less than $20! Woohoo!!

What are your favorite denim brands?

Top: Torrid (older)
Jeans: Ashley Stewart



Kristel Knows said...

you look gorgeous!

Unknown said...

I like to buy my jeans from New York and Company. They keep their shape and there's always a sale/coupon at that store!

Ebbie said...

Very happy you have this post about the jeans. I was just telling someone this morning that jeans are probably the one thing I cannot wear. Even at my smallest, my hips are massive and I can never find any that don't sag in the butt or crumple up around the knees. And after a few wears, they are lost causes!
I don't want to have to turn to jeggings, but it's looking like my only option.

I will check out Ashley Stewart, thanks! I had some success with some Vanderbilt jeans I found in a random Costco, but that was a couple of years ago and they aren't made the same anymore.

Dre said...

Fabulous look! I especially love the top! I agree that it goes well with dark hair and a red lip.

Beautiful =)

Allison McGevna said...

I've had a pair from them too and I loved them! I'm gonna have to head over there again!

Anonymous said...

I am loving that corset with the matching lip! You look amazing!

Lidiya Ostafiychuk said...

Amazing photos!!!!! I am model&blogger from Milan, last 2 years I live in Istanbul. I became your member today, if you will join to my blog too I will be very happy. Here is link

hiiii said...

you always look gorgeous and put together and I agree Red lips with dark hair looks amazing! Thanks for letting me know about the jeans I am bigger on the bottom and it is so hard to find jeans that fit me well, the the top is so girly and pretty

Unknown said...

I always have things fit my waist, and be too big in the thigh area! It drives me nuts!

ari said...

Gorgeous as usual!


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