And the Custom Plus giveaway winner is ....

Congratulations to beautiful Yvette Rivera for winning the Custom Plus "Rock What You Got" tee.

She wrote:

"I rock what i got because I have never been skinny and was always a curvy plus size girl I was made fun of when I was younger bullied for my size, I wanted to be that girl that everyone wanted to be friends with even if it meant me wanting to be as skinny as the next girl. I realized that this is who I am my size does not determine my worth or how pretty I am!

I wear what flatters my body and work with what I got. I can Rock what I want because us Big girls Rock too. We can wear skinny jeans a dress and even a bathing suit!

I rock because I am me and and proud of it! Yes I have thick thighs a chubby waist plus a cute face this is me and Proud of it."

I wish I could have picked all of you.You ladies truly amaze me.

I truly wish I had known all of you in my days of low self esteem so I could have had role models like all of you to look toward for strength. Your entries make me SO proud that you read my blog. I love you all!

Many thanks to Custom Plus and The Tiny Hobo for this amazing giveaway.

And more giveaways coming, I promise.

Love and light,




Idoia Bilbao Parisse said...

Very cute outfit!!! Ilove your ilustration, amazing!!!! XOXO

Chanttele_x said...

Love the outfit! x


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