Pink lady

My spirits have been feeling high these past few days, which always makes me reach for something pink.

I love this vintage Liz Claiborne blouse with a high neck and structured shoulders. It was the perfect shirt to wear with chilly temps in the air but Spring on all of our minds.

I bought this top at my favorite Brooklyn vintage haunt ReDress, which is now unfortunately closed, but is still open online. I kept it simple with a black pencil skirt and put my hair up. Sometimes my hair can be overwhelming, especially on a neckline like this that is so high. I could easily see myself looking like Cousin It with no neck, just floating on some pink shoulders.

LOLing at that visual.
Don't ask why that one curl always seems to fall.
What colors do you reach for when you're feeling good?

Blouse: Re/Dress NYC
Skirt: Forever 21
Hoops: Chinatown
Clutch: Bolton's



Unknown said...

I love that dress/blouse... and the lip color!! When I am feeling good I reach for yellows, blues and greens!! But I am trying to incorporate more pinks and reds into my wardrobe. I love your curves!

Unknown said...

You are so glam and sexy.. love this look, the blouse is perfection!!


Destiney said...

I'm loving the silhouette that this outfit gives you pure elegance! When I'm feeling good I pull out my pastels yellows and mint green! I love it!

LaceNLeopard said...

Love Love Love!


C.Brocka. said...

The pink blouse is such a nice pop of color and the pencil skirt makes it super sophisticated. Love it!

Unknown said...

i have the same shoes , luv the way u've rocked em so chic:)

Ticka said...

Love this look. Very classy/sexy

Joy Shana said...

Love you top,you look gorgeous

NuNuZa said...

I love love love this look! freaky because I wore something similar to work yesterday! including the hairstyle hahaha

Just started following your blog and think it's awesome!! You're stunning!

Unknown said...

You are such a the look:-)


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