'Wrath of the Titans' NYC premiere in Simply Be

I covered the NYC premiere of the new film "Wrath of the Titans" this week, starring Liam Neeson and Sam Worthington.

It was a pretty hectic event, typical of a red carpet, so I didn't get a chance to get as many photos as I'd like, but I wanted to share what I wore with you.

My dress is from Simply Be, and it's super on trend right now. It reminds me of the Stella McCartney dresses seen on Kate Winslet, Alicia Keys and Liv Tyler.

It's affordable, comfortable and multi-functional. A fashion win. And it's black and white, which makes it an Allie win, haha.

You can buy it here from Simply Be.

Ps. I really love British fashion right now, and especially Simply Be bc of what they are doing in terms of seeing REAL fashionable options that are hot right now, not just filtered down from 2 years ago. You really can't beat that!

Happy shopping!



Style4Curves said...


LaceNLeopard said...

Very nice and flattering. Cute cute!


PensiveFashionista said...

Werk! That dress looks like it was made for you.


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