Moon in my eyes

For whatever reason, this outfit was totally inspired by the classic Eagles song, "Witchy Woman." 

I was listening to the song the other day and decided I wanted to do something totally in black and gold with of course my fave pop of color. I just needed an occasion to wear it.

Enter Wednesday: My boyfriend performed with his band (so sexay, I know) in New York City and I was having one of the worst hair days of all time. It wasn't pretty kids. So what's a girl to do but throw it up and a head wrap and go? Couldn't be easier and it's one of my favorite looks to wear out.

Check it out below:

 I really love this Aztec jumper from Fashion to Figure, which I shot for them this summer when it came out. It's very comfortable and really flattering. I wanted to really play it up, so I went with my go-to Fennimas jewels and my fave candy green pumps, which happened to match my green and blue manicure (got some interesting comments at the office on that one). I don't care that it's cold for open toes and I don't care that it's January. Fashion rules mean very little to me.

Overall, I'm pretty happy w the gypsy glam feel that I got when I put it all together. Hope it puts a fashion spell on you.

Ok, that was corny. What do u want from me, I'm tired! Lol, ok, that's enough. Thanks for clicking and following my loves.

OH and pretty please tell everyone you know about Allison McGevna being your favorite new blogger!! Or don't, I'll still love you, hehe.

Jumper: Fashion to Figure
Sweater: Calvin Klein
Jewelry: Fennimas
Shoes: Shoedazzle



Jen @ redsolesandredwine said...

Great pop of color on the lips and shoes! Love.

Red Soles and Red Wine

Joanna / The Violin Style said...

The shoes are absolutely gorgeous! I just love them - this color <3
If you find a while, take a look also at my outfits:
The newest one is inspired by... Pink Panther! ;)
If you like it, please follow me via GFC.
I'll be happy to follow you back. :)
Joanna from

Unknown said...

this outfit is just perfection. The pop of!


Amber said...

You look so sassy! Gypsy Chic totally works for you! :)

Amber from


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