Mellow yellow at the 'One for the Money Premiere'

Tonight was the premiere of Katherine Heigl's new film, "One for the Money" and I had such an amazing time hanging with the cast.'

Katherine, Debbie Reynolds, John Leguizamo and Daniel Sunjata were all so friendly and had hysterical responses to the questions I asked them.

There's a scene where Debbie shoots a chicken with a handgun and I asked her if it took a lot of rehearsal bc everyone was laughing. She looked me dead in the face and said, "oh honey I killed that chicken in one take." It was just so funny and spot on. Pretty amazing to talk to a legend.

More on the clothes below.

I also loved talking to Daniel, who said we look alike. Haha, cutie. Check out my amazing photo bomb w him when Us magazine was intereviewing him.


I was supposed to get a dress from a great designer I'm excited to wear, but it didn't arrive in time, so I had to get creative in my own closet. The skirt is actually a dress that I just folded and tied at the waist.

Sherri Shepherd said she loved my outfit. Pretty damn cool.

Hope you like it! Oh and me matching the step and repeat is completely and totally an accident.

Jacket and Cami: H&M
Necklace: Ashley Stewart
Skirt: Baby Phat dress (circa 2007)



Haus of Style said...

Great photos, they came out great! Love your bright skirt. Really enjoyed your blog. I am your new follower. Check out my blog and follow me if you'd like =)

Allison McGevna said...

Thank you! Love your blog and I'm following now too :)


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