Remixing Your Wardrobe With People Style Watch

Happy Monday guys!

Today on People Style Watch I'm sharing a little bit about remixing your wardrobe with pieces you already own.

I often get asked the question of how I afford to wear different outfits all the time. While it's true I do work with brands who send me items sometimes, I do still buy a LOT of my own materials, and you know from my reviews of companies like H&M that I'm not out for any brand approval. I only wear what I actually like and feel inspired by.

But that shopping I spoke of isn't happening all the time, even though it may seem that way. Instead, I spend a lot of my time looking for pieces that can be worn differently. I know what I like to invest in and what I will buy cheaply. And I also have tons of closet sales (as well as lots of donations).

To hear about how I remixed this vest from Asos with pieces in my closet, check out my latest post with People Style Watch by clicking here.



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