Vintage shopping, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I've been putting a lot of money into business endeavors lately and, of course, my wedding, so I haven't had the usual money or time to shop as I so love to do. So I've been working on re-working things from my closet and thrifted pieces, like this green skirt I found at the Salvation Army for a whopping $3.

I'm sorry I've been on a blogging hiatus (I know you're tired of hearing this), but I've been very busy with many big projects and you know how life gets -- always in the way of things. But I promise to not leave you for so long again. I hope you're still with me on this ride.

I'll be writing a longer post for you with many updates, but I wanted to share some outfits before we get to anything else.

I hope all of you are well and leave me some comments. I do miss you all terribly!

Skirt: Vintage, thrifted
Top: Charlotte Russe (old)
Bag: Vintage, via Etsy
Belt: Michael Kors
Shoes: Charlotte Russe



Madam Too Much said...

I am a follower via Bloglovin and I am looking forward to more. .

Lusitana Blog said...

I love your look!!! Very Nice...


Aurè said...

Hello,Ciao Allie..You look very Great...always your outfits are works of Art!
cheers and Ciao from Italy


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