Rock what you got + (CLOSED) giveaway with Custom Plus!

Ladies, because I love you all so dearly, it's time for a giveaway!

It's definitely not a secret that even though I dress up all the time on my blog, I love rocking casual clothes. As much as I love getting dolled up and rocking a dress and heels, sometimes it's nice to just wear a t-shirt and jeans and still feel cute.

Custom Plus is an amazing company that is run by two very well-known plus models, Griselangel Paula and Shannon Hiett. And being curvy ladies themselves, they know that fit is key when finding the right t-shirt. The shirts they make fit so well and you can still feel sexy without having to rock a boxy t-shirt.

Even better is the design of the t-shirts. There are SO many fun, cute and sassy options available and they come in sizes 0-30. YES u read that right! How many companies do you know that cater to so many different sizes of women? It's awesome.

See how I rocked Custom Plus previously in this "Sassy Minnie" post.

I love this "Rock What You've Got" t-shirt, designed by AMAZING artist "The Tiny Hobo," so much that I asked Custom Plus if we could team up to give one away to one of you beautiful ladies who are so lovely and supportive of my little old blog. I truly appreciate it more than you know, and certainly more than I can express.

So here's what you have to do to win:

1.) "Like"  my Facebook page AND  Custom Plus' Facebook page AND The Tiny Hobo's Facebook page
2.) Follow this blog via the little "follow" widget on the right hand side, or by email.
3.) Leave me a comment telling me how you "rock what you got," as well as an email or twitter handle where I can reach you.

You have until the end of day Monday, when I'll announce the winner via my facebook page. We'll be choosing at random and reaching out for sizing/shipping info.

Love you and keep on rockin' what you've got, even if the rest of the world doesn't see it as perfect. People will always have something to say about the way you look. Don't wait to lose weight or buy new clothes or fix your teeth or whatever it is that you think is wrong with you to be happy. True beauty comes from within and the best part of that is that it means you get to be in control of how you present yourself to the world. Choose wisely. Xo.

T-shirt: Custom Plus
Jeans: Ashley Stewart



Unknown said...

I rock what I got... because I am comfortable with my curves and I don't have to run out and get the latest greatest items/products to be fashionable and stylish!!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

I rock what I got by helping other women embrace what they don't like about themselves. I love to help build a community of strong women that love themselves and indeed start body rockin!

Unknown said...

I rock what I got because the process of loving yourself is a continuous journey that explores mountains of possibilities.

Twitter: @iamPrincessBC


BlackStar said...

I rock what I got by being confident and loving my whole person -- @legalmaven

Anonymous said...

I rock what I got with the best that attitude because I am a beautiful woman created in the image of a perfect creator. I make the clothes, the clothes don't make me!!!

Anonymous said...

Barbara Quinones @ or

Unknown said...

It has taken me years to Love myself, I hated my body and All I thought about was being Fat and Ugly. And being picked on didnt help things either.. Its been a long hard journey and I have finally realized that this body was made for Me and only Me. There are lots of ppl out there that dont judge you for what you look like and those ppl made me love myself, from head to toe. And Today Im a Proud Plus Size Girl Who Rocks What I Got Everyday!!!! BE PROUD LADIES!!! <3

Unknown said...

Also My email is

caramel78 said...

I Rock what I got because that's what my mama gave me ha ha Just because I love myself 100% inside and out and no one is every gonna take me loving me away from myself. So therefore that's how I rock what I got !!

MrsKittyKaBoom said...

I rock what I got by being myself. As a beauty blogger it's not difficult to loose sight of what's truly beautiful, and that's confidence, a smile and passion. Good luck everyone! I love the tiny hobo , her art is just SO darn cute I'd love to rock one of her tee's. :D
email: mrskittykaboom AT gmail DOT com
or twitter: @mrskittykaboom

Unknown said...

I Rock What I Got Because I Am Me.I Am What You See..Im Genuine And No Sugar Coating Here..Love Being Me...Awesome Giveaway..Xo <3
Twitter- @RandysWife2B

Tilly said...

Hi Allison! I rock what I got by always being confident with who I am as a plus size woman. I am not ashamed of my curviness, nor will I relegate myself to wearing frumpy, unstylish clothing because I a size 16. I am not meant to be a size 2 as I have a large frame; therefore I will always embrace my plus size body. I love educating others about size acceptance. We as plus size women should not bash ourselves because we don't fit what society has deemed as the right size; we are all individuals and unique! Woman size 14 and up account for approximately 50% of all women and should therefore not be ignored in the media and clothing stores.

Tilly said...

Oops! I forgot to include my e mail address in my original post. Here it is:

Joanne said...

Too cute! I love it!

E said...
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dreafashionista said...

I rock what I got by embracing my curvy body and my decisions in life.
I'm in school for fashion design and I'm going to launch my plus size line.
I'm accomplishing my dreams even with a child.
I'm proud of who I am <3

Twitter: @dreafashionista

Unknown said...

I rock what I got by knowing I am beautiful and I dont have to have the perfect body to be beautiful or to rock out a cute outfit..all women are beautiful and shouldn't be judge on what they are wearing..any woman can rock out any outfit..I love myself and I love my body!!!
Twitter dont have one =(

Liz.vicious said...

I rock what I got because it's who I am! I never pretend to try to be like anyone else. The best way of loving yourself is being you and representing it all to anyone and everyone! I ROCK WHAT I GOT!!


Carmelita said...

I rock what I got by always walking with my head held high, to show that I am proud of who I am. Just because I'm a plus size doesn't mean I should be ashamed of my body.

P.S you are one beautiful plus size :)

Twitter: @CarmelitaTutu

KellyMonroe said...

I rock what I got because I have an awesome personality!

KellyMonroe said...

Fredetta said...

i rock what i got because i love me no matter what!

hiiii said...

I rock what i got because I have never been skinny and was always a curvy plus size girl I was made fun of when I was younger bullied for my size, I wanted to be that girl that everyone wanted to be friends with even if it meant me wanting to be as skinny as the next girl. I realized that this is who I am my size does not determine my worth or how pretty I am!
I wear what flatters my body and work with what I got. I can Rock what I want because us Big girls Rock too. We can wear skinny jeans a dress and even a bathing suit!
I rock because I am me and and proud of it! Yes I have thick thighs a chubby waist plus a cute face this is me and Proud of it.
thanks for this great giveaway.. said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the giveaway. I would rock the shirt with a simole pair of jeans, a black skirt, or a colored skirt.

I liked your facebook page AND Custom Plus' Facebook page AND The Tiny Hobo's Facebook page
I also Follow this blog via the little "follow" widget on the right hand side, or by email.

mrsjarette said...

cute tshirt ...

Anonymous said...

I rock what I've got by being confident, faking confidence when I don't have it, and always knowing that no matter what, negative opinions hold no worth in my life. Size 9 or 19, I'm an amazing person with an amazing personality and no one can change that!

iAmMel said...

I rock what I got by staying true to who i am inside and out, pushing the envelope and accepting myself for the fierce and fashionably fabulous curvy girl that I am!

APecanPie said...

just my skinny jeans n chuck taylors..

JennyT said...

I rock what I got thanks to the fabulous fashionistas who have been instrumental in bringing fierce styles to those of us who are over a size 12 -- I love being able to dress the way I feel on the inside, and not just having to wear whatever I could find that fits!

Samantha W. said...

I rock what I got by accepting and loving who I am and expressing myself by what I wear! I don't care about being super skinny, I love my curves.

aellai on twitter

Samantha W. said...

_aellai_ on twitter whoops :}

MsDimplez80 said...

I rock what I got in skinny jeans or shorts with heels to seal the deal. Im a mother of 4 sons. So I've rocked my curves for 13 years. It's nice to see clothes made for strapped women. @MsDimplezLady or or

garichild said...

I rock what I got because it works for me! I even rocked my 1st bikini and truly rocked it!

Curvy Girl On A Budget said...

I rock what i got by staying true to myself and never conforming to what society deems is beautiful. I Do my own thing and rock what i got. I'm a Funsized Beauty :)

email is

Brazy Davi Moda said...

I rock what i got by pushing the envelope and breaking all stereotypes people have about Plus size women. I love who i am every inch of me. I rock my plus positive attitude.

email is

Brittany Keller said...

I rock what I got by loving and celebrating each and every curve that I have and understanding that beauty comes from within, a radiance is exposed through confidence. Being confident about my thickness wasn't always easy but I just love all of me now. I spend time designing for plus size women and encouraging plus size girls to love themselves. Despite what others may say THICK IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! (email)

Noni2Star said...

I rock what I got by truly believing that sexy is NOT a size. It is not about the size you wear but how you wear that size. Rocking what I got is a mindset for me. I know that when I wear a certain outfit or a cute underwear set that I am beautiful. I rock what I got by making the choice to embrace what I see in the mirror. Women are gorgeous creatures and we truly are God's gift to men. So no matter what size you're rocking, Rock It!

Unknown said...

I rock what i got by embracing my curves and natural hair. I have my own funky sense of style that includes a lot of feather earrings and unique jewelry. I refuse to let society dictate what makes me sexy!

Anonymous said...

I love that tshirt !!! kisses from France

city said...

thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth J. Neal said...
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