"Where in the world is ... Allison McGevna? (In My Carmen Sandiego Voice)

Lol, I have the "Carmen Sandiego" theme song in my head now. Way to go Allie!


Forgive me for disappearing for more than a week, it’s been CRAZY!

First of all, I hope you all had an amazing holiday. I was out of town at my sister’s home and it was just perfect to be there with my whole family. I had a wonderful time.

Before that, I was sick as a dog! Fever, cough, no voice … the whole bit. I got an amazing medicine cocktail from my doc and now I’m all better.

So I wanted to take a minute to share with you some updates:

New Fashion to Figure Shoot:

I shot some new holiday looks for Fashion to Figure earlier this month, so make sure you stop by their site and pick up some goodies.

Plus Model Magazine Feature (photo above)

PMM did a great feature on girls who are working at a size 18. I’m closer to a 16 now, but I am proud to have worked and keep working steadily in spite of being on the larger spectrum of plus size models, some of whom are as small as a 6 these days! It feels nice to be recognized.

Hope you’re all doing fab lovies!




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