It's no secret that I YouTube how to do pretty much anything.

It all started when my boyfriend earned a huge following for teaching people how to create a home recording studio on a budget, but since then, it's taken off into a full-fledged addiction. This morning I may or may not have YouTubed how to do a "messy updo."

Anywho, in my YouTube research a few weeks ago, I came across this teenager named Cassandra Bankson, who offered tips for covering acne scars with foundation. I clicked on the video and was amazed at this emotional 19-year-old conquering her biggest fear -- to show her skin in its true form, scars and all -- in the name of showing others who struggle with similar issues how to cover up what they weren't ready to show the world.

Fast forward to today, and here was the same beautiful teen on "Good Morning America," speaking candidly about her own struggles with acne scarring and how she felt she needed to face her fears to help other young people.

From Fox's story:

“I am the most self conscious person about my acne,” Bankson said in the video. “I know it doesn’t look like it, but taking my makeup off is probably one of the most insecure things I can do.”

She appears in the video in full makeup, then removes it and shows a step-by-step guide for applying her foundation.

“This is probably the most nerve-wracking thing that I could possibly do because it is my biggest insecurity,” she says in the video while wearing no makeup.

I have to say, makeup magic aside, what struck me about this young woman was how her true, inner beauty shone through SO powerfully that I, along with many commenters, was blown away by how beautiful she was both with and WITHOUT makeup. Not in a cliche way, not in some contrived thing we are all supposed to say, but in reality.

She is gorgeous.

Needless to say, I got emotional while watching this. No, I don't have acne, but we can all relate to what she says and her shaky voice as she revealed what she looked like without the makeup. We all wear a mask of some sort, every single day, but how many of us not only have the courage to ADMIT that we wear one, but also to take it off for millions to see.

Some accuse her of being vain or fake, covering up her natural state with makeup. But that's silly. We cover up so much with our words, our clothing, our Facebook pages (insert shameless blog plug here), our cars and homes,even the people we surround ourselves with. I challenge all of her critics to ask themselves if they would be willing to share with the world their truth for ANY reason, much less one to help an internet stranger.

This girl is living proof of my theory that drove me to start a blog and to live my life in an open, honest and truthful matter. What we struggle with most is the key to our destiny. And by her sharing her deepest fear and insecurity, this young woman's world is about to change.

So Bravo, Cassandra. You are my hero today.



Unknown said...

Hi Allie,

She is so brave, I agree that most of us (ladies and men) feel insecure with no makeup or anything that make us have a feeling of security.

Cassandra is so brave to appear on tv with no makeup and teaches step by step on application of foundation.

kudos to her.


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