Oh, That's Just My Boyfriend, the Lead Singer of the Band ...

This weekend, my boyfriend performed with his band in midtown.

I loaded up on Theraflu before going and only stayed for the performance portion. Afterward, they went out for drinks but I was a big, tired, sick mess and I just drove me and my brother home.

I did manage to snap a few shots of my outfit, which was another head to toe look for less than $50, aside from the earrings, which are from Fennimas. I think I'm earning my recessionista badge big time.
Jacket - Thrifted
Dress - H&M
Necklace - Soho vendor
Earrings - Fennimas



LaKesha said...

Ok so I'm on this workout/look better/feel better/healthier hype also.I just found your blog and Ilove it! I commented on this post because I seen that you said this jacket is thrifted and I wanted to know do you have a hard time finding things that are plus size when your thrifting, I always love the thrifted things I see but I never looked because I felt like I wouldn't find anything in my size. Where are some places you look?-LaKesha

Allison McGevna said...

Hey LaKesha, thanks so much for commenting! AND for being on the same journey to a better lifestyle as me :) As for thrifting, this particular jacket I believe I purchased at the Salvation Army near my apartment. I visit ALL kinds of thrift stores and consignment shops, from higher end ones to local goodwills. You have to be really, really patient and really sift through the racks. And the good news is, there is almost always stuff to be found in plus sizes if you're willing to look and try on (I usually wear leggings and a tight fitting shirt so I can slip stuff on over my clothes and test it out). And even some things that are too big or too small can be tweaked to work as part of an outfit -- I bring my tailor a LOT of action, haha. I hope that helps a little. Good luck on your journey. We have the power to make our lives what we want so let's do it! (hugs!)

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