Mint Monday

Lately I've been less interested in following too many trends and more interested in dressing in clothing that looks timeless, with a bit of trend thrown in. I generally like to play it on the safer/classic side with my clothes and experiment with accessories, especially as I get older and want to have more investment pieces

Today was one of those days that I built a look around a shoe. I bought these DVF mint pumps a few weeks ago before I left for London and have been obsessed with them ever since. I want to find a way to wear them all winter long, despite their distinctly spring color. I paired them with this classic blazer from Banana Republic and my current favorite stretch jeggings from New York and Company. It's great to be able to mix higher and lower price items but not really be able to tell which was which.

Overall, I love the way these shoes came out with the outfit. Sometimes we get so hung up on thinking what we "can wear" or "can't wear" or a designer we can afford or cant. It's nice as I get more seasoned as a shopper to be able to add more valuable pieces. I used to be the queen of buying $15 shoes that would be done after a few wears. As I prepare to start my own family by getting married in a few months and (God-willing) having kids in the coming years, I am all of a sudden interested in slowly building a classic wardrobe now that will make my future daughter as inspired by my style as I have been by my mothers'.  That has absolutely nothing to do with price per se, but I want to have pieces that she can maybe wear in 25 years and say "oh my mom wore these back in 2014," so I want quality.

Am I the only one who thinks that way? Watch me only have boys, haha.

Blazer: Banana Republic (buy it here)
Jeggings: NY & Co 
Clutch: Small boutique in Harlem
Shoes: Diane Von Furstenberg (avail in black or tan here)
Scarf: Target
Sunglasses: Forever 21



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