The 50 Day Outfit Project

Hello beautiful people,

Before I tell you about this outfit, I wanted to take a minute to announce a new challenge I've set for myself. I've decided to push myself to post an outfit a day for the next 50 days. It's a big undertaking for me, as I'm extremely busy with work and wedding planning, but it's for that exact reason that I've decided to really push myself out of distraction zone and into a focused place where I'm working hard to bring fashion ideas and inspiration to the blog.

I used to post so frequently and then life just got hectic (as it does) and I regretfully began neglecting this space. But this is my love and my commitment and I want to apologize to anyone who follows me and has noticed how inconsistent I may have been over the last year or so.

So why 50?

Well, there are 51 days left in the year and one of those days is my wedding day, so that might be tough (as motivated as I may be). But in between, I want to make sure I'm sharing and interacting with all of you. I know it may take some time as there are so many fabulous blogs to look at, but I hope I'll be able to rebuild your trust and readership with the consistency that you deserve.

So we start today with this fabulous (faux fur) coat from Kelly Brook's collection for Simply Be. You guys know my love for SB is well documented, and this coat is no exception. I love fur coats and I've always wanted one (fake of course), but they're definitely tricky to wear. I decided to keep the rest of the look simple since the coat is such a statement on its own.

Underneath, I rocked my fiance's white t-shirt (don't tell him), my fave boyfriend jeans from torrid and of course my beloved Christian Louboutin heels. We shot this at dusk on the water and it was amazing to see all of the beautiful colors of fall and the sun setting.

I hope you enjoy and I'll see you tomorrow!

Jeans: Torrid
T-Shirt: Boo's Closet
Clutch: Forever 21
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Zappa 100



Anonymous said...


Alela Sirah said...

This look is so lux! Love everything about it!

Gaëlle PRUDENCIO said...

Hello !
Congratulations for the upcoming wedding !!
It's great to set this challenge ! The first outfit is amazing ! Love the coat and how you put everything together.

Allison McGevna said...

Thanks booo!!!!! Xoxox


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