Happy Sunday my dears.  I had the craziest and most eventful weekend ever, capped off with me dropping my camera AND my iPhone getting run over in the middle of South Street in Philadelphia. Yea, both of those happened. What was going on with me you might ask? Distractions from the worries of life I guess, but I feel silly even writing it. I have air in my lungs, my loved ones are healthy and a roof over my head. What is more important? Nothing. It's hard to remember that sometimes, but it's true.

I ALSO have this adorable dress which I'm in love with right now.

It's just the perfect happy dress. Between the heart cutout, the peplum and the floral/leopard combination print, I'm in love. I am sorry about the somewhat boring me-in-front-of-a-wall pictures, but well, you heard about my weekend, haha.

The dress is from an online retailer called 50Limes.com, where most items are less than $50. That is such a great deal these days and the clothes are so cute. I had the opportunity to work with them a few weeks ago out in Louisville, KY and I fell in love with this piece. This dress and many other fabulous plus size options are coming to the site soon. The minute they do, I will let you know!

In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful weather we have been having and try your best to smile and count your blessings. I'll be doing the same.

Dress: c/o 50Limes.com
Belt: Anne Klein
Tights: Assets by Sara Blakely
Shoes: Steve Madden.com (I know, I wear the hell out of these shoes).



Kishina said...

Beautiful dress. So sorry to hear about your camera and phone, bummer! But yes we do have to remember to be grateful for the things we do have. Great post!

Aurè said...

Hello,Ciao...what a pity about your camera and phone...anyway...this outfit of yours is a Dream! it hugs and celebrate your magi Silhouette and make shining your stunning Beauty!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Girl, you wrapped up so nice, you look like someone's Christmas present!


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