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I recently had the chance to review a pair of Torrid's new skinny jegging and let me tell you, I'm in love. In fact, I feel like many retailers are finally starting to improve their denim & fit and while Torrid has always been amazing in that respect (helloooo Stiletto Jeans!), this one is even better!

First of all, it's a great color. The dark rinse is VERY dark, which I love, because I almost exclusively wear dark rinse and I hate when it either bleeds or it's too light. Torrid's is really great in both respects.

Second of all, it's a NICE higher waist. Ladies, I never tell anyone what they should or shouldn't wear, but let's face it, muffin top on low rise jeans is NOT cute. Not cute at all. I love ya'll and I tell women to wear whatever they feel good in, but who honestly feels good with a muffin top hanging out? Not me. It's a fabulous high cut that's somewhere between a typical rise and a higher waist. 

Third and most importantly, they're extremely comfortable. You don't feel like you're wearing jeans because they are jeggings. But they also feel thick and snug enough for me to believe that they won't stretch out. (Unfortunately, Torrid's stiletto black pants are amazing but stretched out pretty quickly, which leads me to keep washing them, which leads to fading, bummer.) These feel great so far though and I've already worn them twice! 

Ok enough gushing. You can find the jeggings here. 

They are definitely in my top five fave denim yet. (My faves are American Apparel, Ashley Stewart, Simply Be, Kardashian Kollection and, of course, Torrid).

I paired them with this shirt that I bought a thrift store recently (my fave) and Wet Seal tank top.

I am a fun of going HARD when it comes to jewelry, lol. And so this was no exception. Bangles on both arms and lots of bling in my necklace completed the look.

Hope you guys like the Torrid denim as much as I did.

Blouse: Thrifted
Tank: Wet Seal
Denim: Torrid
Shoes: Forever 21
Bangles: Lane Bryant
Necklace/earrings: Ashley Stewart
Clutch: Arden B. 



Style4Curves said...

I love how these fit you!! But everything looks amazing on your curves :)

Unknown said...

I too love the torrid stiletto jeans so might have to give these a go. I can't believe they're jeggings! Jeggings have come a long way since thin "denim print" tights.

Aurè said...

Thanks for sharing...the stiletto jeans are Fabolous on You!
so lovely the blend of colours...Stunning Look!
ciao from Italy

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