Mad About Gok

By now if you've read my blog, you know that I'm a huge advocate of shapewear to give you an optimal fit in your clothing. But while I love my Spanx just as much as the next girl, it's not often that you find Shapewear that is beautiful enough to function as clothing.

The Gok Wan Collection for Simply Be is just that though. The pieces are stunning and look like extremely high end investments, although they run less than $100, with some pieces running less than $50.

I've had my eye on the pieces for a while and I knew that I wanted to try styling it outside of a traditional way of wearing it. I honestly fell in love not only because the pieces are beautiful, but also because the campaigns are so stunning and conceptualized, it's a big step up from so many of the same vanilla campaigns we see so often with plus designers.

I paired Gok's multiway shaper with this Marc Jacobs asymmetrical skirt I bought a few weeks ago. It's very sexy on its own, so I wanted to wear a jacket to make it functional. I opted to use this white MNG by Mango blazer. Topped off with my Michael Kors studded belt and Steve Madden pumps and it was an extremely sexy outfit, but still covered up and tasteful. I have to say, it's probably one of my favorite outfits I have ever worn.

I think the shaper -- which is a much lighter coverage than some other ones available from Simply Be -- is truly a beautiful piece that can be worn multiple ways. It would also look great with high-waisted jeans for a more casual night out, or with a skater skirt for a younger look. There are tons of options.

I have some special things coming up in the next few months with shapewear, so keep your eye out for that.

Blazer: MNG by Mango (available at JCPenney)
Skirt: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Belt & Accessories: Michael Kors
Shoes: Steve Madden



Unknown said...

Love it! You look super classy, sexy, and sophisticated. I would have never thought shapewear could be so cute.

Unknown said...

You look beautiful love the look!!

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Style4Curves said...

U LOOK FIERCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whew!!!

FabEllis said...

Gorgeous! I love this!

ari said...

I love this ensemble so classy and sophisticated!

Me said...

When I first saw this I was stunned! So sexy yet elegant- not alot of people can pull this off. You did it fabulously!

alissa said...

You look excellent!

Kurvaciousbella said...

Ummmm show stopper your body is sick

Fredetta said...


Unknown said...

Love, love love it!!

KasiaS1980 said...

You look just incredible and gorgeous.

Unknown said...

Topped off with my Michael Kors studded belt and Steve Madden pumps and it was an extremely ...

Unknown said...
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hasham asma said...
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anosh said...
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anosh said...
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