Lemonade out of H&M's sour lemons

On Friday, I told you about my incredibly disappointing experience at H&M+. I sent a copy of my blog post, along with all of your responses to corporate headquarters and hopefully we can make a difference.

I loved hearing what all of you had to say and seeing that I was not alone in the terrible experience there. You guys had such great, enlightening feedback and I'm really hoping that together we can make a difference. We deserve the same fashion as everyone else and I hope for H&M's sake that they can see that.

In the post, I told you guys about the one item I purchased, which was this pair of high-waisted shorts. I had to buy them 3 sizes larger than my usual size and then I took the waist in myself. And this is the final product of how I styled them.

I played around with different filters on this because I kind of liked the dreamy, retro vibe to go with the crop top and red lipstick. The filter I used on it was called "So Emo" which made me crack up.

I love this lace cardigan so much and I thought it was the perfect way to top of this look. What do you guys think?

I like the way the outfit turned out, but looking at these pics, I can't help but still be a little angry, haha. They just serve as a reminder of H&M's faulty construction. But hopefully very soon, they will come to symbolize a change we made together!

Have a great week everyone!

Top: H&M (standard sizes)
Lace Cardigan: Target (older)
Shoes: Local boutique, Jersey City, NJ



Unknown said...

the shorts are fantastic! I always loved the mixture of red and black together! I am all for hoping that H&M gets its plus size section together, cause they need to!


Ticka said...

Your outfit came together really well! I'm working on my love/have relationship with shorts.

I'm so glad that you sent the H&M post over to them. They need to get a handle on the plus size situation if they want our $$$ (which doesn't seem to be important to them right now).

Unknown said...

That's insane to me that you had to go three sizes up, why would H&M think a woman would EVER want to do that? SMH...nonetheless you look fab as always.

SRS said...

you are such a babe!

ps. i nominated you for a versatile blogger award. check out my blog so you can see what i wrote about how awesome you are <3

sarah rose


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