The Long & Short of Things

Hello beautiful blogosphere!

I've been looking to wear these harem/tapered-bottom pants for the longest, but more often than not, I find myself feeling like I look like I'm wearing pajamas. But I finally think I found the right pair.

I bought these from the Eva Mendes collection for NY&Company (I'm totally dating myself here, but does anyone remember when they were Lerner?). The fit is great (although a tad snug in the hip, but welcome to my life) and the print is one that works with heels or flats well. It's hardly been crop top weather, but we shot this look inside, so I went with it.

The crop is from H&M and I paired it with two old items from my closet -- my favorite TopShop blazer with shoulder pads and these super old but timeless Nine West shoes I bought at Marshall's ages ago.

I also love this old warehouse that we shot in, it had so much character and equal parts spookiness, but in a good way (I'm weird, I know, haha). I'm also still getting used to life with short hair. Sometimes I find myself having to relearn how to style my own hair, which is strange at my age and I really don't like the way it looks in these pictures. But it's already grown a few inches and is so much healthier, so I'll take the trade-off for sure.

Hope you all are having a wonderful week!

Blazer: TopShop (old)
Top: H&M (old)
Pants: Eva Mendes for NY&Company
Shoes: Nine West (old)
Earrings: Charlotte Russe



cruzy80 said...

Hello! I remember when it was Lerner and you could get polo tops for 16.50 full price! You look great! Wish I had a flat tummy to pull of that look.


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