How anyone can experience the glamour of being a model, without the hassle!


I had the chance to work with amazing NYC photographer Jasmine Edwards a few times and she has photographed me as a model and in my regular life as well, shooting family events like my sister’s wedding and her bridal shower. I was so excited to come on board for her new project, which is aimed at making beautiful women FEEL their best.
Let’s face it, as busy women in this day and age, taking time to get pampered and prettied can be the last thing on the list of priorities. As moms, wives, girlfriends, daughters, bosses, students employees and managers of households, sometimes we just don’t have time to stop and celebrate our beauty.
Worse, how many of us often feel down on ourselves about our looks – whether it be that we don’t know how to apply makeup, dress our figures or make ourselves just feel good about who is looking back at us in the mirror.
Every woman should have the opportunity to look and feel her best and have that moment captured on film. It should not just be a luxury, it is a right of every woman to feel this way.
And she wants to help you do that!
She says:
“What I do is often referred to as "Couture Portraiture", "Glamour" or "Contemporary Portrait", interchangeably - A new level of Luxury portraits for women, brides, expecting mothers, high school seniors, ballerinas and dancers . As a boutique photography studio, I provide every day women the opportunity to see themselves in a way they have never seen themselves before.”
I love making women feel beautiful and enjoy creating editorial style images because all we ever see are portrayals of unrealistically thin models and celebrities in movies, on tv and throughout magazines, photoshopped to perfection and praised for their beauty. We as women, beat ourslelves up about it and wonder why we can't achieve that same level of beauty. I believe models and movie stars should not be the only ones privileged enough to experience such amazing transformations. As NYC's #1 Expert on Styling and Posing for Women with REAL bodies, I'm here to create that experience for YOU.

As a former model herself, Jasmine knows how to make every woman, of every age and size, look her absolute best.
I am always asked by aspiring models how to get started in this business. I think the MOST important thing is to first get some professional photos done. What better way than to work with someone who is experienced and is LOOKING to work with people of all different skill sets.

Even if you have no interest in being a model, I highly recommend you work with her. She is amazing at what she does!



Me said...

Ms. Allie, you will never know how much I appreciate this post. Thank you so much. Xo

Miss Prissy said...

loooooooooove the coral dress wheres it from

Jasmine E. said...

You are Ahhhh-Mazing Allison!!

Jasmine E.

clw said...

Ohmygosh - the picture in the white top!! <3!!! wish I could do what you do!


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