Obsessed with tribal prints and red lips

I'm completely in love with the aesthetic in fashion right now. I love the use of bold prints, bright colors and statement wardrobe pieces. Sure, it's not necessarily what everyone is wearing every day, but there are so many ways to adapt today's runway looks to your own style. I love seeing stores taking chances with prints they are carrying -- it's such a NICE change from the cookie-cutter shopping mall style I see on so many women. I know so many people reading blogs and magazines want to take chances but never do because it's outside of a comfort zone. But ladies, I implore you, throw away those dresses you know in your heart every time you put on you HATE but you keep wearing. Life is too short to be wearing boring clothing.

That's where a dress like this comes in handy. It's bold and could easily get looked over on a rack or catalog, but it's such a gem when you put it on. It's wearable, comfortable and pretty darn sexy, in my humble little opinion.

Dress: ASOS
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Belt: Macy's



Unknown said...

Love this. the dress is perfection. I've been on the hunt of a bold long sleeve dress like this.


Style4Curves said...

so gorge!!!!

Unknown said...

Just gorgeous !! Love the tribal print of the dress.


Unknown said...

Gorgeous darling!

Nichole said...

I love this dress, great pattern.

Ariane Patrice said...

This dress is wonderful and indeed is a unique piece.

Anonymous said...

That dress looks amazing on you!! Very sassy :) just found your blog and I just love your style. I'll be sure to come back :)

Unknown said...

Ka-yoot! I love your blog...will be visiting on a regular basis...


Makeup Junkie said...

Yassss hunny...u servin the children in this dress...glad u reppn for #teamthickathanasicka correctly!

Unknown said...

missing your posts..love seeing what you have put together!!



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