Baby it's cold outside ...

When it’s cold outside, I’ll admit that all I am interested in wearing is sweatpants, wool socks, my college sweatshirt, and some Ugg boots. Winter is really one of the hardest season’s to stay chic.

But when I went out of town this weekend for a family celebration and it was EVEN COLDER where I was than here in New York City, I had to pull it together and make sure I wasn't looking like a bum.

I wanted to look professional, but didn’t want to wear all black, so I rocked a black pencil skirt with a bright yellow sweater. I was also excited to finally get to pull out my orange studded clutch I snagged at the final weekend of our beloved vintage shop Re/Dress (don’t worry, you can still shop online).  

The one good thing about the cold was that I got to finally wear my hat and not feel kind of silly. (Full disclosure, I always feel a little silly in hats, no matter what they look like … random, I know.)

Coat and hat: H&M 
Skirt: Fashion to Figure
Sweater: Vintage
Bag: Re/Dress
Shoes: Carlos Santana via Macy's



LeeLee said...

Love the look!! Great colors!

JESHE3 said...

Where did you get those opaque tights from. I've been looking for a pair as dark as those for months.


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