Countdown of Some of My Favorite Professional Moments (TV Edition)

With film legend James Brolin. What a moment!
So since I don't want to bore you with tons of posts about some of the best moments of my years working in the television and news world, I thought I'd just share some pics and videos of the past three years.

It's an inaugural post really, and I promise my future ones will be much more specific.

More photos after the jump.

With the Fox News team at the Tony Awards
With Ashlyne Huff and Jill Dobson
 On the "black" carpet for the premiere of X-Men First Class wearing Forever 21+

 Interviewing the amazing and funny Jon Hamm

At the premiere of "The Next Three Days."

With Allison Barrie, Ashley Dvorkin and Jill Dobson on "The Strategy Room," now re-named " Live"

At the 2011 NY Film Festival wearing Fashion to Figure
At the Tonys (again)



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