Stopping to Smell the Flowers

Happy Wednesday my beautiful people. I'm back today with another look from my collaboration with Unique Vintage.

Today's look was all about celebrating this new season - both in the year and in my life - with lovely pieces that really speak to where I am right now.

I haven't discussed it much, and I certainly plan to soon, but getting pregnant was a difficult process for myself and my husband and we are so grateful to be here today. A few weeks after we found out we were expecting, my family experienced an unimaginable tragedy with the death of my 3-year-old-nephew. It was, and is, an incredibly difficult situation that I'm not even sure I can put into detail. But even in death, we have learned that there is much life to be celebrated and it's so important to do so.

Life is short and it's not promised, and so it's so important to take time to stop and smell the flowers. That is my goal, always. To celebrate moments, be happy and treasure life while it's being lived. And even after the loss of someone you love, to celebrate the joy you had with them as well, even through the hardest of times.

And because my style is always a reflection of where I am in life,  I've been looking to wear pieces that truly make me happy. And that celebrate the past while we look ahead to the future.

This dress from Unique Vintage is an embodiment of that. I love its vintage airy vibe, and the comfort I felt in it. It's also so funny to me how in most outfits, if you see me from the front, you may not realize there's a full 6-month bump under there. But from the side, well, that's a different story!

Check out the details below:

DRESS: Unique Vintage (buy it here)
HAT: Unique Vintage (buy it here)
SHOES: Kate Spade NY
BAG: Louis Vuitton

This post is sponsored by Unique Vintage. All opinions and style choices are 100-percent my own.



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