FFFWeek In Vintage Gold

(Cue Cardi: Came thru drippin, drip drip)

Some dresses, though few and far between, are just made for magic. Stop Staring Clothing is full of so many of them.

Designed by Alicia Estrada, Stop Staring is a size inclusive line of vintage reproduction dresses that are showstoppers. Don't expect to be a wallflower when wearing them - in fact, you will spend most of your time answering the question, "where did you get that?"

I've been wearing her dresses for years, at both my heaviest and lowest weights, and they have never failed to make me feel special. And last night, I felt the most special and beautiful that I have since maybe my wedding day.

Now before you say I have a flair for the dramatic (not a lie tbh), let me give you some context. The last few months have been really stressful for me. I will likely go into detail about it in another post - mostly because it would take too much time here today - but also because I have promised myself to be back on here with all of you consistently. But let's just say it involved a lot of stressors, but mainly in the health department. But I tell you, I have been able to walk through to the other side. (Or at least, I think I have. I don't even know if I'm fully there yet). In the depths of it, I honestly didn't know where I was going, how I was going to get there and if I was even going in the right direction, but I kept going.

So last night, I decided to celebrate myself. To celebrate my progress. To celebrate friends and fashion and the places where a lot of my biggest moments began. So I went to the 10th anniversary show of Full Figured Fashion Week. It was a lot of fun to be back in a place where my career as a model and influencer began - I remember when I walked the runway, showed my first collection, met some of my now best friends and met my first clients as well. Even though I retired from modeling many years ago, a gal can still reminisce!

And so I wore this - a beautiful, sparkling celebration of life and progress. Fashion is so much more than what we think it is. It's an expression of emotions, which for me last night were joy and light. And sexiness. Because you can't be afraid to admit that you feel beautiful, no matter where you are.

DETAILS: For context, I ordered a size 14, which is my current size. It felt very true to size. My shoes are from Ted Baker via Nordstrom Rack and the strapless I wore is from City Chic. My hair is from RPG Show Wig.

Shoes: Ted Baker (last season)

Sending you all love and light.



FlyingPurpleHippos.com said...

What do you mean by "size inclusive"? It appears that the largest size they carry is an 18. For a brand that has been around as long as they have, that is pretty disappointing.

That aside, you look lovely!

Allison McGevna said...

I apologize - for some reason I thought she went up to a 4 or 5x, as some of the other vintage repro brands do. I say that because when I was a size 22, I had a few dresses from her. So this may be a recent development that she discontinued larger sizes, or perhaps it depends on the style. You are correct in that a size 18 being your largest size is not inclusive. I def stand corrected! And thank you <3


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