Hey guys!!

I know it's been a tad slow on the blog here and for that I sincerely apologize. It's because I've been insanely busy getting ready to debut something I've been working on tirelessly for MONTHS.

If you follow my Instagram and Facebook, you will know that I am debuting my first fashion collection, TwentyFour20 Designs this Saturday at Curvy Closets Fashion Show in Philadelphia.

The idea for my line really started years ago because it's always been in my greater plan. At first I was aiming to work with different brands to partner with them, but at some point I decided that I wanted to put things out for myself and own my own company, which is exactly what I did.

I basically took all of the money that I had saved up to my name and decided to start the line from scratch. I don't have any investors or partnerships, so it has been extremely time consuming, difficult and scary but honestly, more than anything it has been extremely rewarding.

I did a teaser of the collection back in June and I was really excited about the response, so I hope that you guys are excited too.

You can expect sexy bodycon looks of course, because it's very much a reflection of my own signature style. But this small collection due out in the next few weeks is going to be the first step of many, God willing, and I am looking to grow with all of you who have supported me or will support me in the future.

This is a complete labor of love for me. I do not do this for numbers or money or to get my name on it. If anything, I've invested in a HUGE risk, but I truly believe in what I am producing and bringing to all of you. I believe in fashion for women of all sizes. Therefore, while my stock will mainly range from sizes 14 to 24, it will be available in special order for ALL sizes, from 0 to 30.

I'll have more about my line soon, but for now you, if you'd like to stay updated, you can like the Facebook page at and follow on Instagram at @TwentyFour20.

Thank you so much in advance <3



Ticka said...

So proud of you Allie!! I can't wait to see what's to come!

Unknown said...

Great runnerawy news, looking for more information!

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Chrissy said...

absolutely loved the line!

-Chrissy of


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