Whimsy Wednesday

After starting my blog and receiving several comments and messages from you, I've come to see how deeply personal fashion is to a woman. So serious are we in finding things that flatter, slim, gain us the spotlight, make us appear stylish and confident, that we often forget that the best part of fashion and dressing up is that it's meant to be fun.

I remember when I first told a friend of mine that I was looking for high waisted jeans, she looked at me like I was crazy. How could someone with MY body wear something like that if she (who's a lot smaller) didn't feel comfortable doing it? It's the same look I get when people hear that I've purchased something from a store that they feel doesn't carry anything in their sizes or where they have been disappointed when something didn't fit.

The reality is, I follow no one's rules but my own and I shop anywhere and everywhere I please. Does that mean I always find exactly what I'm looking for in my size or that it always looks right on me? Certainly not, but it doesn't stop me from trying or deter me. The best way to learn your body and what makes you feel best is to experiment and ignore every single naysayer. If it wasn't your body or your clothes, they would find something else to criticize. Don't allow yourself to be a victim.

Needless to say, I found the perfect high-waisted, retro jean from one of my favorites, Bernie Dexter Clothing. A pinup model herself, Bernie knows how to make a woman look her best while showing off her curves. Unfortunately, she has discontinued many sizes beyond an XL due to poor sales, but she is still selling out her stock up to a 2x (I ordered a 1x, but be warned, these run small). And fret not dolls, there are other alternatives. Pinup Girl clothing, for example, does fabulous high-waisted pants and skirts and carries nearly every item up to a size 2X, and a good amount goes up to a size 4x. Happy shopping.

I'm sure my Facebook is going to be loaded with comments about how I should have chosen a more flattering pant, but that's exactly the POINT. I didn't want to and I subscribe to no one's ideas but my own.

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday and that you keep making the commitment to yourself to be the best you that you can be.
Top: H&M (old, from standard line) Try THIS or THIS or THIS
Belt: (old, my closet)
Pants: Bernie Dexter Clothing. Try THIS or THIS
Bracelets: Street vendors
Shoes: Steve Madden



Unknown said...

Love the pants! Thanks for not making me feel like a total idiot for wanting high waisted jeans although i have way to many bumps in the front to look that perfect in them but i am going to try!

Crystal said...

You look fierce! Love the pants and your style.

Tiffany Griffin (Beautiful Dawn Designs) said...

Test from Beautiful Dawn Designs

Unknown said...

I just had to say I love your look. They look really nice on you. I also love your positive attitude. Keep up the excellent work. You know what works for you and definitely how to work it!

Tonyette said...

Allie, honey, keep on doing what you are doing! You are amazingly beautiful and that's the bottom line...NOT only because of your exterior looks, but because you seem to believe that ALL women should embrace their own beauty! Because of you (and some other fabulous bloggers), I got up the nerve to go beyond my usual sizes/stores. In the last week alone, I went out of my comfort zone twice. First, I decided to venture into a GAP Outlet store. After all, it was Black Friday...I couldn't pass up 50% (or more) off without, at least, peeking. I ended up with a pair of jeans and a skirt...both of which I love! I hadn't shopped in the GAP in YEARS! Then, someone gave me a dress from Target, an XL. This was a major feat for me! Normally, I'd have seen the tag and said "Nope! Can't fit it" without even trying it on. Long story short, keep on inspiring people like me!

foxxytg said...

WOW you look great! Those pants are HOT!


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