My favorite bloggers - Part 1

My favorite bloggers - Part 2

In the world of fashion blogging, there are soo many wonderful voices out there that it can be really hard to keep track of who is new, who is doing what, which blog to keep up with. There are certainly a ton to choose from, and while a few blogs are well-known and quoted often (for good reason, of course), there are tons of other ladies who continuously inspire me and many others without being part of the blogging "in-crowd."

I really enjoy looking at blogs, sometimes moreso than magazines and I especially love blogs with a different voice or style aesthetic than mine. We all have our own voices in terms of what dominates our blogs, but I love to see a part of me reflected in how these other beautiful women style themselves. It's like playing dress-up vicariously through these ladies.

The blogs I chose are just a start and this is something I'd like to continue highlighting as time goes on and I discover more. I chose both straight and plus size blogs because, let's face it, there is more than one kind of woman. And while I love my curvy divas, I think we all need to be more inclusive and stop being obsessed with whether or not "she's plus size." I'm a woman, model, writer and a lover of fashion first; the size on my jeans follows far behind all of those other things.

SO without further delay, here they are:

PHOTO 1 (My current obsessions + size):

Ivory JinelleAlisa Verde  |  Pockets and Bows  |  The Curvy Girls Guide to Style (Chastity Garner)
Weesha's World  |  The Curve and the Line  |  Stylish Curves |  A Fat Girl's Blues  |  Curves and Chaos 
Pretty Dark Girl Style  | Big Hips, Red Lips |  Big Fat Cherry Bomb | Jasifers Lions Club 
Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust

PHOTO 2: (Current obsessions str8 size)

Viva Luxury | Style Is My Thing | Nu Sophisticate | Keiko Lynn | Bambi's Armoire | Mimi G 
Vintage Vandalizm

PHOTO 3: (More + blogs I stalk)

Style for Curves | Curvy in the City | Passion Jonesz | Curves to Kill |  Salvaged Garden | Naturally Fashionable  | From the Rez to the City

More great blogs not pictured:

Gabifresh | Nicolette Mason | Nadia Aboulhosn | Girl With Curves | Fatshion Insider | Little Lime Dress 
The Manfattan Project | Honor Curves | Curvy Is the New Black | Thick Girl's Closet |
Gorgeous in Grey | XOXO Nikstar | XOXO Netta P | FFFab | Jay Miranda | Kurvayshus B |
Life & Style of Jessica | Style Chic 360 | Terry's Two Cents | The Glamourai | Fashion Bananas
The Sartorialist | El Club de Las Mujeres Reales | Coralie's Looks | The Curvy Fashionista |
Spoonfull of Sugar

Next time I will add more straight size blogs and even more fab ladies (and hopefully a few more gents too).

Which are some of your favorites?



Ticka said...

I follow most of the fabulous blogs that you listed. Thanks for showcasing others that I didn't know about, but will for sure look into. I love learning about new blogs, and I can't wait for the new list!

Lastly, I want to thank you for the mention. You are such an inspiration to so many, and I really appreciate your support.

Unknown said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww thank you my love!!! You're too sweet!! You know you're my girl!!

Kristel Knows said...

AAAH!!! <3 thanks alli for including me, I feel super honored! Love your blog and you're such a huge inspiration!

fally jonesh said...

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