Fashion in Philadelphia

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a fabulous fashion event in Philadelphia called "Curvy Closets." It was really well-done and loads of fun. I get so excited about supporting events when this industry has them and it did not disappoint.

We were treated to fabulous fashion from designers like Rue 114, Elocin, Swimsuits for All, BGU and more. I really enjoyed myself and got to meet some fabulous bloggers, designers and aspiring models.

I wore this very simple but very fabulous black dress from Asos. I really love wearing color, but I also love a good black dress. I paired it with a black and gold belt (which looks neon green for some reason in these pics) and my black and purple Jessica Simpson pumps.

Playing around in the car ride there.

With the show's creator/producers and Maddy Jones from Plus Model Magazine

I purchased this particular dress from Asos' standard line, but Asos curve has a great sleeveless option that is the same fit, length and material.

I had a great time and I'm so happy to support this community.

Hope your holiday weekend is fabulous.

Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Belt: My closet, taken from another dress
Clutch: Borrowed
Sunglasses: Blu Blockers, purchased at a Flea Market
Necklace: Fennimas



Sharifa said...

Beautiful Allie! You are the reason I now own that black dress from Asos :)

TheMochaPeach said...

Gorgeous!! You really kill with the outfits! I need that dress. You make me not be too afraid in body-con dresses

Sandra Isabel said...

Ahh!! I love your blog! I've been creepin' for goodness knows how long, but your fashion is ON POINT!! I've been feeling super frumpy lately and I'm hating my wardrobe, do you have any budget friendly options/suggestions for a poor grad student who's tired of looking like a frumpy always mistaken for a teenager bum?


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