It's been a bit of time since I've talked about my wellness journey and that's mostly because for a few weeks I put it on hold. I ran a 5k back last month and it was incredible (I didn't die!), but also incredibly challenging. I realized that I have a long way to go before I am back to the shape where I want to be.

As I've mentioned previously here, someone very close to me had a terrifying health ordeal back in February, which is still very much going on. This woman, who I love very much and is part of my family, suffered a debilitating moment in her health because she was not making her wellness a priority. By that I mean sleeping, peace, making time to take care of her mind, poor diet and lack of exercise. It is a wake up call.

And yet, somehow, during that wake up call, I seemed to fall deeper into unhealthy old habits that I am  so committed to breaking. For the past few weeks, even though in my mind I've known that I need to make changes and I saw how beneficial those changes are in my life when I make them, I have let them slip. I'm not angry at myself really, because I'm glad I am catching it now rather than when it gets too out of hand.

So as of today, again, I'm making a commitment to exercising consistently, eating clean, sleeping right and making time for Allie (that won't affect my bank account, lol. Ie/not JUST shopping!)

I fell down again, but I am pulling myself back up.

I am vowing to always make my HEALTH my top priority above all else. I hope you guys will do it with me. Wherever you are in your journey, I hope you are moving toward the life that you want and that means reaching a place where you KNOW your body is at its healthiest. Where your vision for yourself and the person you actually are seem to match up. The fact is, no one can decide where that is but you. No one has the RIGHT to decide that but you.

If you're there and you feel like you're at your best, GREAT! Shoot, share your secret with me! But if you're not, let's not waste another day. I promise to be honest with you, if you'll be honest with yourself.




864 said...

I'm totally with you Allie. I know how it feels to fall back into bad habits. I know how hard it is to make better choices. Whenever I am having a stressful time in my life (i.e. this entire school year) I put my health on hold and fall back into bad habits. I will make that commitment with you.

By the way, you look great. You have made strides.

beantownbrown said...

I have found that the greatest progress comes when I make slow and gradual changes and in embracing the philosophy of all things in moderation. Denying myself guilty pleasures entirely, or trying to suddenly become a decathlete never works, but finding ways to make healthy living a natural part of MY lifestyle has worked wonders. Kudos to you for pulling yourself back up! A lot of folks never even try.


Cicely C. said...

Totally agreed. It's not how we start the race it is how we finish! I am 40 lbs down and have about 60 more to go! :) I can't wait to be healthier, slimmer and in plus model shape :) Go girl!

Dion said...

Good for you girl! Dont give up! I have began drinking water more often and let me tell you,I only began THIS week and already I FEEL better! My mouth feels cleaner (if that makes nany sense) My urine (TMI I'm sorry) is muuuuch healther looking lol and I'm MORE alert! We will do this together! God gave us LIFE to LIVE! what a slap in HIS face if we dont take care of the vessel HE so lovingly made! GO ALLIE! *lifts pom poms, Jumps but falls flat on ass cause I need to lose 25 lbs* :)

Allison McGevna said...

LMAO! Yes girl! We can SO do this together. And I know exactly what u mean about water and feeling the difference.

Allison McGevna said...

Woooot! 40 lbs! Thats amazing missy!

Allison McGevna said...

Thank you love! And yes, I SO agree. I don't believe in diets! It's all about incorporating small changes to live your best life. You're so right about trying to become a decathlete right away. I'm so guilty of that, lol.

Allison McGevna said...

It's SO damn hard when life is stressful to make your health a priority isn't it! UGHHH. BUT we can do it together, I know we can! And thank you so much! I def just want to be the healthiest, strongest person I can be. #TeamWeKickAss

Ariane Patrice said...

Being honest with yourself and then being able to share it with the world takes alot of strength and courage. I totally can relate to your journey. I've struggled years to loose weight. Finally committed to turning over a healthier leaf back in November. I'm currently almost 30+lbs of loss in. I still have ways to go though, but I'm ecstatic with everything. One of the biggest things that helped me was downloading myfitnesspal app to my phone. The website is an added plus. Its a big community of supporters and tons of additional resources. Best of luck with your continued journey! :)


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