An Amazing Weekend ...

Me, on set, after the dream team made me up!

This weekend was really amazing.

First of all, my boyfriend, who of course i love to absolute pieces, got some amazing professional news this weekend. So Friday night, it was all about him. I treated him to dinner and a movie (Cheeseburger Paradise and Immortals to be exact).

On Saturday, we went to hear his brother DJ at Crimson Lounge in NYC. We bought a bottle of champagne and toasted to our family's success. I'm lucky to have a great relationship with his siblings and his brother's girlfriend, so it was just nice to be around loved ones.

And, It's great to see your loved ones succeed!

PS, my whole outfit cost $50. Down to the accessories.

Love me some Tarjay and Charlotte Russe baby!

(Dress is by Pure Energy, earrings from China Town and belt is from Charlotte Russe)

On Sunday, I shot some fliers for a big conference coming up next year, which I will share as soon as it's out. Needless to say, it was a really wonderful day.

I shot the images with the amazing LucasPictures/Plus Model Magazine team and it's always nothing short of a pleasure to work with people you admire professionally and personally. Plus, they're my dear friends! So the day was full of laughter and joy.

I hung around for a bit afterward to watch the lovely Shannon Hiett shoot an editorial for the magazine and it was amazing to see this girl work her magic in front of the camera. JUST WAIT TIL YOU SEE IT! She's amazing folks.
Me and Shannon on set
Most importantly, the last person who shot this campaign was my friend Mia Amber Davis, who passed away earlier this year. It was very emotional for me to think about her and channel the things I learned from her in the short time I was blessed to know her.

I was so nervous the night before, but as soon as I got on set, I felt more calm than I ever have while shooting. I felt at peace and just prayed to God and asked Mia to help me make her proud.

I hope I did.

Weekends like that are truly what makes life worth living. In spite of the hard troubles of this year, I'm really feeling like 2011 will end on a high note.

I can't wait to share.

And Mia, if you're reading this in heaven, please know how much you are missed. By me and everyone who ever knew you or your work.

Finally, if you get a chance, please check out the latest Monif C video for the holiday collection, featuring yours truly!




Team Hiett said...

Honestly, Allie, I just teared up. Great post, my love. I can't wait to read the others!

Maddy said...

Great post Alli, we had so much fun working with you on Sunday. You rocked!


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