Good American Plus Size Denim Review: Good Curve Jeans

Hey guys!

I recently got the chance to review a pair of Good American jeans. When I posted on my IG stories that I was going to be trying them out, so many of you sent me questions that I'd love to get into answering here.

As I said on social media, I was initially skeptical of the brand because I have just generally been skeptical of any celebrity fashion brand - in my experience, they usually rest on names alone. But I was actually surprised at the quality of the denim in the best way. Full disclosure, they sent me this pair for review, but I have also purchased another pair on my own as well.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts. ALSO, I am totally new to youtubing and even though I am on camera as a journalist so much, I'm not sure why I was so awkward in this LOL. Love you, don't judge me! Oh and subscribe and I promise I'll get better, haha.




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