Day Three: The Plaid Suit

Three days in and I'm officially in the groove!  Today's post is all about taking chances. There are those clothing items and styles that we all look at and immediately say "I can't wear that." Plaid pants have always been that for me. I remember even being a pre-teen in the 90s and wishing that I could "pull them off" but never feeling like I could.

But, this blog is also about pushing myself. And I have been absolutely in LOVE with suits and menswear and plaid this season, so it seemed like the natural choice to try this outfit on for size.

Truth be told, if I were looking for "flattering," these pants might not be it. From the skinny ankle length to the stripes both across and down my legs, they do little to conceal the fullness of my hips. You guys know I'm not 100 percent comfortable with the size I am now, but you know what? I don't care. I like these pants and I like the print and I like the look, so I wore it. Sometimes fashion is about defying not only what everyone tells you, but more importantly, what you may tell yourself. Today I choose to tell myself that these thighs, even bigger than I would ideally like them to be, still deserve to be dressed in whatever the hell I want.

I bought these pieces Target and was pretty impressed with the fashionable items I've seen in stores in their regular collections (ie not a designer collaboration). I share the gripe of my fave blogger Garner Style that there are not enough options in a variety of sizes, including plus, petites and tall. But there are a few hidden gems I've found over the last few months and this was definitely one of them. The fit, particularly on the pants, was not great but it wasn't the worst I've seen either. And for the price of less than $30, who could really complain?

Blazer & Pants: Target (up to size 18)
T-Shirt: Babe's Closet
Shoes: Betsey Johson




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