Day 12: My Feature in People Style Watch Magazine

Today's post features three looks, all featured in my spread in this month's issue of People Style Watch magazine. I am so excited to have this feature and it's such an honor because I am such a fan of the magazine. It features so many wonderful pages filled with fabulous fashion for all sizes, as well as celebrity looks and holiday pieces.

Since Reese is on the cover, and I'm in the issue, that makes us ALMOST friends, right? LOL
The feature, on page 103, features three looks you guys may have previously seen here on the blog. It's all about dressing for your shape and your body. You guys know I love belted silhouettes and anything that shows off my shape. I love a good bodycon dress (see the third look), but I also love ladylike skirts, so I was glad to see have a variety of my looks featured.

I am so excited about this and it feels like a huge moment for me. I also have some additional exciting news which I will be revealing soon.

In the meantime, thank you for all of your support. I'm having such a great time interacting with you guys on a daily basis.

Have a wonderful, blessed weekend.




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