Let's Talk Hair!

Hey guys,

So I've finally recorded a video talking about my big chop last month. I'm still honestly getting used to it and I have not quite fallen in love with it yet. It's so stupid but as a woman,  and especially a black woman, hair is such a big part of identity and looks and I have definitely fallen victim to that as well. I really loved having long hair but I did not think I would care as much as I do about cutting it off. I'm definitely focusing on trying to embrace it, but I also wanted to be open and honest about the process.

I recorded this video in a hotel room after a long day of work and without any makeup on. I tend to babble on it a lot, so apologies for that. And if I said anything stupid, feel free to (nicely) point it out. As much as I'm used to being on camera for work and all of that, I don't know why but I feel extremely shy about this one. Maybe because it's such a stripped down version of what I do, or maybe it's because YouTube can be a scary place, but whatevs.





MaggleBish said...

It's so nice to see and hear you. More bloggers should do more videos! Maybe I should do one? Anyway, I don't have any tips for you except when your hair does get long enough to put in a ponytail, I would advise against it because those ties can do some damage and cause breaking, along with the pulling on your hair. Other than that, um, I think your hair is nice and it could be worse - it could be like mine. ;-)

marquenta hampton said...

I love your hair cut. It makes you look more tom boyish like Halle Berry.

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