My Awesome Shoot With Simply Be

Last month, I had the most wonderful time out in Manchester when I was asked to participate in a blogger photo shoot for Simply Be UK. I've had the pleasure of working with the USA team several times, but this was a shoot geared toward the UK audience and I was doubly honored to be asked to come out, especially as the only American blogger.

At the shoot, I met a group of amazing other bloggers including Rachel from A Dress Is for Life, Rosie from A Rose Like This, Betty from Pamper and Curves, and Nancy from Sugar, Darling? . I came in not knowing any of them and after the day together, I left feeling like I had a group of fabulous and beautiful new friends.

We shot at Thornton Manor, which honestly took my breath away. I literally spent all of my downtime walking around the manor taking photos of the architecture, interior design and landscaping. The team jokingly asked if I was appraising the house. I wish, so that I could buy it myself haha.

The shoot came out wonderfully and even though, as you guys know, I model professionally full time, it was a completely different vibe than a modeling shoot. I always have fun on set because I love it, but this set was really a blast. We cracked up and the stylists, makeup & hair team, production coordinators, art director and photographer all cracked up along with us. Of course we got everything done that we needed, but there were tons of laughs along the way.

I'm so flattered for any opportunity that I get and I just love when I get to work with a company I believe in. This experience is definitely etched into my memory as a wonderful and fun time and I will always be grateful for that.



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