The Perfect Black Sequin Dress

While I was in Europe, one of the new lines I was most excited to learn about for Simply Be was Claire Richards' line of clothing. This sequin bodycon dress was everything I wanted it to be and more!

I have been looking for a sequin dress for what feels like ages. Honestly, I always feel like the fit is off, the sequins hurt, the dress itches or it just hangs on me like a big sack of potatoes. You guys know how much I love my bodycon style (it's the most flattering to my shape) and so this dress was a godsend.

I loved the fit of it, although it was just a tad shorter than I wanted it to be, and I honestly felt like I was wearing a really expensive designer dress at just a fraction of the price.

I wore the dress out to dinner after our full day of shows and sightseeing, when the team took me to one of London's most fabulous restaurants, Novikov. It had the most delicious seafood and cocktails I've ever had (seriously) and it was a mini who's who of London society. I swear I saw tons of the fabulous bloggers, as well as footballers and their beautiful dates. It was really fun!

Afterward, we went to a club called Mahiki, which was also really fun. If you follow me on Instagram, you can see some of the madness that ensued there, haha.

Dress: Claire Richards for Simply Be
Shoes: Steve Madden (my faves!)



Unknown said...

this dress is absolutely stunning! i love a good sequin look. my trouble is i never know WHERE to wear sequins. where did you go?
xoxo, Lindsey Dish

Unknown said...

Chic shinning black dress, fit you very well!
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