Tropical Paradise: The Lane Bryant Style-Off

With Full Figured Fashion Week rapidly approaching, I'm excited to participate in the Lane Bryant blogger conference. One of the components was for those of us participating to style an outfit and submit it for a competition.

I've been in such a tropical/vacation/island mood, that I immediately gravitated toward styling something a little different than my usual attire and I wanted to have something that stood apart.

I've also been obsessed with kaftans, so when I saw this gorgeous floral coverup, I knew I wanted to style it as a dress. I ordered a few sizes up so that it would be slouchy and long enough to wear as a dress and I added all of these fab LB accessories, including the bracelets, belt and shoes.

You can vote for your favorite look starting May 20 on the Lane Bryant Facebook page. I'd love your support, but of course, I'm happy to be participating regardless :-)

Bring on summer!

Entire Look: Lane Bryant



Louise Elisabeth said...

Oehw thats one event to look forward too! Love your styling :D


An Cus said...

Love the Kaftan! You made it look so regal. :-)

A N D Y S T Y L E said...

you look fab! love the makeup too! ;)

melissa ward said...

I want this .... Fab dress

Style Chic 360 said...

Awe this is so pretty! Great Job Allie!

I'm participating too and can't wait to see you again at the conference!

Stylish said...

Very nice Allie! You got me wanting to buy it.

raleve jesica said...

It was designed perfectly.I like this style.Really nice! Everything I could want in the leather jackets on, good cutting, nice details, great fit.

Justina deans said...

beautiful lady and too much sexy
i like it :)
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rasheed said...

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