80's Baby

Sometimes I swear the best thing about being an adult is doing things that you always wanted to do as a kid. And I'm not just talking about how I had Capn' Crunch for dinner the other night.

I feel like this outfit was exactly what I would have wanted to wear as a kid in the 80s. I was always looking at my sister and her friends and how they dressed and waiting for that great moment when I would be grown up enough to wear clothes just like them.

Now that 80s style is here to stay, I love wearing it and thinking about how much the 7-year-old me would have been admiring my outfit.

Please excuse my glasses and my wind-swept hair, it was freezing & crazy windy yesterday and I am trying to give my hair (and eyes) a break from straightening and ...well pretty much just ignoring that I'm supposed to wear glasses, lol.

Jacket: LC by Lauren Conrad (Buy it here) Similar in + here
Skirt: Jessica Simpson (I did not intend on wearing all celeb clothing) (similar here & here in plus, here in standard)
Top: Bisou Bisou
Belt: Michael Kors
Shoes: Forever 21
Earrings: Fennimas
Bangles: Gifted (top one from Kenneth Cole, the other from Asos)



Patty_difusa said...

Va va boom you look amazing love the look and the short skirt! xx


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