Maxi Madness

I have never personally been a huge fan of maxi dresses because I find the lengths to often be either ridiculously short on me or dragging. I wear them often in the summertime, but they can be tricky in this inbetween weather we have been experiencing lately.

But I was drawn to the print on the Eva Maxi dress from Igigi and I immediately saw it as the perfect season transition piece.

As the day went on in this dress, it grew on me even more with each passing hour. I also received loads of compliments on it from several women I encountered.

It's a one-shoulder, which I am not typically a fan of, but is very versatile and looks great under jackets and sweaters.

You can buy this dress here. 

Hahah, my spin was too fast for the camera!
Blazer: TopShop
Hat: H&M
Belt: Macy's
Shoes: Marshall's



Unknown said...

Fab spring look

Fredetta said...

i have the same issue with maxi dresses/skirts lol you look so chic and pretty!

Dion said...

You look great! I cant wear maxi/sundress dresses because I have such HUGE boobs! My bra strap, which are not sexy, will show. And if I want to wear something over my shoulders, its too dang hot! I end up having people looking at me like I lost my mind because I'm sweating like a whore in church! Going strapless is not even an option either. My shoulders are so damaged by my straps, it looks like I get beatings only on shoulders! fun times lol

Unknown said...

Very cute, love the hat!!

Carsedra of:

864 said...

Hi Dion,
I'm a 32H and I still wear Maxi dresses. My secret is that I buy them in maternity wear, lol. If you are having problems getting bras with good straps, email me and I can send you a few sites you can try

Dion said...

Hey hun Im trying to email you but it isnt working for some reason here is mine please send those boobs and I thank you :)

864 said...

I sent you an email yesterday. Hope you got it. If not I'll post the sites here for you

Fiona loves beautiful things said...


what a beautiful outfit
you look beautiful in it

you have a great blog

we can follow each other if you want
kisses from france



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