Retro chic with Igigi

I’m such a fan of retro clothing and styles and the high ideals they placed on femininity in dress styles in the 1940s,50s and 60s.  And one of my favorite brands right now is doing great work in catering to my heart’s desire when it comes to finding modern takes on retro styles.

The Claudette dress from Igigi is one of the most versatile pieces I have come across lately, because you can wear it to work or to a fancier function like an afternoon wedding or party. It’s also something that your mom and friends alike can borrow, so you’re closet will definitely be pretty popular.

I also loved the cut of the v-neck on top because it showed just enough skin. As you can tell from earlier posts, I like to show off the girls when the occasion calls, but sometimes you gotta give them a day off, ha! This dress gives you the flattering v-cut without being overtly sexy. It also has great movement when you walk or a light breeze blows. Very Marilyn Monroe. Just be careful not to have a full on subway grate/flash the crowd moment, as I almost did below, haha.

But my FAVE thing about this dress is the colors. The black, white and red really made me feel like I was in Paris in the 1950s. And who doesn’t love that.

Happy shopping! 

Dress: Igigi
Shoes: Michael Kors
Earrings: Nine West



Nichole said...

The dress is beautiful! I really like that bottom print.

Literal Gemini said...

You look gorgeous!!

Ticka said...

Very pretty dress! It looks great on you!

Anonymous said...

Love the dress Ms. Allie! I love the Blog with you talking your 14 year old picture and all you have overcome to get to where you are! Continue with the great looks and styles and continue to be a great example for all women on how they can be sexy and confident at any size! Check me out! God Bless! - JT

~Jeimy~ said...

You're gorgeous honey love your style new follower for sure !!!


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