What to Do When You Absolutely, Without -a-Doubt, Really Hate the Gym

I have a confession to make, and I know I'm not alone: At this juncture in my life and my fitness journey, I really, really hate the gym.

I hate everything about it. I hate the intimidating number of machines. I hate feeling awkward and chubby next to the big ass dudes grunting while they lift in their muscle tees. I hate waiting for treadmills. I hate avoiding socializing bc my face looks like a tomato doused in water. I hate being self-conscious about frizzy hair. I hate contracts. I hate people trying to sell me personal training I can't afford (though I have worked with amazing trainers in the past and I know they work). I hate seeing upwards of $60 come out of my bank account. I hate feeling so fat next to skinny girls who give me sympathetic looks. I hate walking on the treadmill when I'm too tired to run and knowing that people are thinking "when is the fat chick gonna finish her workout?". I hate crowds. I hate the elliptical. I hate the stair-master. I hate the bike.

If you're having trouble reading between the lines, Allie hates the gym.

So what's a girl who wants to work out and get in shape do?

Well, I'm determined to find a solution. If Rocky Balboa could train in the snow in Soviet Russia with nothing but mountains, ropes, barn equipment and his cute cropped leather/shearling jacket while Ivan Drago trained shirtless in a state-of-the-art facility in Rocky IV, then dammit, I can do this the alternative route.

That's gonna be me, at the top of the stairs in my walk-up apt.

So, my latest crazy idea is to document this.

Disclaimer: I might reach a point where I realize it's impossible and I break down and join. I might get so annoyed that I go back to watching Lord of the Rings on my couch telling myself "I'll start tomorrow."

Or, I might get in really kick ass shape.

Wouldn't that be cool?

So anyway, to get started, I've done the following:

1. Purchased an embarrassing number of workout dvds. In fact, I bought so many that the cashier dude at Walmart looked at me and said, "somebody's got a New Years Resolution to keep". That was SO clever!
Among them: Jillian Michaels "Shred It With Weights," Jillian's "Ripped in 30," Jackie Warner "Xtreme Timesaver Training", Billy Blanks "This Is Tae Bo". I also own Beach Body's "Turbo Jam" and "Insanity" programs.

I figured I could be one of THOSE people who reviews stuff (is this really my life?). Because yea, I'm just like you. I used to be pretty good at things like running and boxing/muay thai. But I never got crazy with weights. Sister girl still can't do a pull-up, just like in 7th grade. Or more than 2 real pushups (don't judge me). And honestly, I haven't worked out steadily in a while, so I'm no pro. I'm just a regular chick with a desk job  trying to be healthy. Let me know if there's one you want me to review specifically. Let me know if you're even reading this. Someone. ANYONE!? Just kidding, I'm not that desperate (but really, I am).

2. Talked to friends, my boyfriend, and my bff-4-eva, Google, about what kinds of exercises I can do it home without weights.

3.Bought a jump rope and some new running sneakers.

4.Bought a shake weight (mostly cuz I just wanted to laugh when I did this workout)

5.Bought an abs ball. Probably not the "official name" but thats what it is.

6.Bought a 10lb kettle bell. It goes with the DVDs and YouTube has some great tutorials. More on that to come. The brand I bought is from Danskin and I bought it at Walmart as well.

7.YouTubed the crap out of the following words "home workout". There is such a wealth of knowledge out there on that thing called "the internet." Now I sound like my grandfather.

8.Borrowed some of my boyfriend's old body building books.

9.Stole my sister's old yoga mat she left at my mom's house (I know, I'm not proud)

10.Prayed and came up with the crazy idea to document this journey. Maybe God has a sense of humor.

So there you have it. I'm starting with Jillian Michaels' "Shred It With Weights" video first. I just used it for the first time and I'll do a quick review and then let you know how it goes. Hope I can help someone out.

Here goes nothin ....



Cicely C. said...

Good luck! :) The hardest part is gettin started! I began a fitness journey in Septemebr and I'm still at it! :) It's NOT easy and I don't feel like working out everyday but do it for you! :)

Allison McGevna said...

Thanks doll! You're inspiring!

Vicky said...

Hey Allie!

Nike also has a really great workout app for phones - Nike Training Club. It's almost like having someone there telling you what to do and good for use at home.


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