"Mission Impossible" NYC Premiere

The week before Christmas, I covered the “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” premiere. 

It was extremely chaotic on that carpet and some people in the media were acting like they lost their minds to get an interview with the cast. 

I wish I could really explain to you what the pace of a carpet is like so that you could understand it, but you probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you anyway, haha. Let’s just say it’s a lot of screaming, interrupting, scrambling and reporters/photographers practically jumping on top of people to get their shot. It’s pandemonium. Especially with a world-renowned star like Tom Cruise.

Anyway, check out my interview with Tom and my standup that I shot right next to him. In the editing process, we dropped the sound of the fans, but it was so deafening I could barely hear myself. There’s a moment when you see me kind of acknowledge him when he turns around next to me and it’s because the fans went COMPLETELY wild right at that moment (shh, don’t tell anyone, as you’re not really supposed to have any reaction when you're on camera, lol.). But the magic of editing gets rid of all of that.

Check it out and look for more at Fox411.com.

Oh, and my gorgeous dress is by Igigi. They are such a lovely and generous team and I love wearing their clothes on the carpet!




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