Indie + Fashion Show and a Farewell to Re/Dress

The Domino Dollhouse gals w the amazing designer Tracy. (And Jeannie in the far right, LOL). Thanks Alicia for the pic I stole.
In spite of me being sick as a dog, I had an amazing time last night at the final Indie+ Fashion Show at Brooklyn's Re/Dress.

I got to walk for two amazing designers I haven't worked with before, Hissy Fit and Domino Dollhouse.

I have to say, I am OBSESSED w Domino Dollhouse as a result. Her stuff is so cute, fashionable, vintage and girly and my FAVORITE part is her awesome price point. You won't break the bank for adorable fashion. Plus, Tracy, the designer, has an awesome blog, Chubble Bubble. I'm officially a HUGE fan.

Me, puffy from being sick, in the chair.
Things were VERY hectic back stage but it was all worth it in the end to work with Deb, the owner of Re/Dress, who has been such a staple in the industry for the last three years.

Last night, she got very emotional when talking about the store and closing its doors in these tough economic times. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house. Deb, her store and the employees have been so wonderful to all the NYC fashionistas and it was always such a positive place to be.

I remember when I was first getting into the NY modeling scene a few years ago, Deb's store was something I stumbled upon and immediately fell in love. Not only for the fashion, but for the shopping experience. It was nothing but love and positivity in that place and I know it was a reflection of the type of woman that Deb is. I'm so glad her store will be available on line and I'm proud I got the chance to know and work with her.

We'll miss your Brooklyn store, but I know so many ladies around the country will now be thrilled to get a piece of Re/Dress' amazingness online.

So, I toast to you Deb, for three years of amazing work and to many more years of amazing things to come.

After the show, I went out with three of my fave gals and we had some drinks and some laughs. (Well, they had drinks, I had tea!). Perfect way to end the night!!
Fluvia, Gabi and Maddy's liquor, and my peppermint tea, LOL

Talk soon lovies! More pics to come...




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